Remake of Spanish Film Looks to be Zombie “Cloverfield”

Last night, I fell victim to a rather spontaneous compulsion; to rent and finally see “Cloverfield.” I liked it; not only was it a monster movie (a rare occurrence in recent American cinema), but it was shot from a unique hand-held angle, which I thought really gave the film an eerie personal drive.

Now, I told you that nice little story to share this with you: the trailer for the upcoming “Quarantine.”

According to, it is based on the 2007 Spanish film, [Rec]. It has a similar premise to “Cloverfield;” something catastrophic happens, the only evidence to which is footage from a video camera found in the aftermath. Here’s where it gets interesting: replace 30-story monster with zombies.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of both zombies and movies that break the traditional norms of film making. This film, though it is indeed a remake, looks to be filling both those criteria. Regardless of what those pretentious youtube-posting jerks say, it’s safe to say I’ll definitely be seeing this one.


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