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Remake of Spanish Film Looks to be Zombie “Cloverfield”

Posted in Uncategorized on April 29, 2008 by Drew

Last night, I fell victim to a rather spontaneous compulsion; to rent and finally see “Cloverfield.” I liked it; not only was it a monster movie (a rare occurrence in recent American cinema), but it was shot from a unique hand-held angle, which I thought really gave the film an eerie personal drive.

Now, I told you that nice little story to share this with you: the trailer for the upcoming “Quarantine.”

According to, it is based on the 2007 Spanish film, [Rec]. It has a similar premise to “Cloverfield;” something catastrophic happens, the only evidence to which is footage from a video camera found in the aftermath. Here’s where it gets interesting: replace 30-story monster with zombies.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of both zombies and movies that break the traditional norms of film making. This film, though it is indeed a remake, looks to be filling both those criteria. Regardless of what those pretentious youtube-posting jerks say, it’s safe to say I’ll definitely be seeing this one.


New “X-Files” Flick Gets Title

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Teaser PosterAccording to Studio Briefing’s page on, the upcoming “X-Files” movie finally has a title.  Chris Carter, creator of the “X-Files” TV series and the film’s director, told the Associated Press that the movie’s official title is “The X-Files: I Want To Believe.”  Any X-Files fan (myself included) is surely ecstatic at this news, as they can certainly recognize the words “I want to believe” as the caption on Agent Mulder (David Duchovny)’s famous UFO poster.

“It’s a natural title,” Carter said. “It’s a story that involves the difficulties in mediating faith and science. ‘I Want to Believe.’ It really does suggest Mulder’s struggle with his faith.”

This is the second movie to be based off of the popular sci-fi television series that ended its run on television six years ago.  The first film, “The X-Files: Fight the Future” was released in 1998.

New Line Cinema is (Basically) No More

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Time Warner announced Monday that it was firing 450 of the 490 employees at New Line Cinema, reports a Studio Briefing entry on IMDB.  The remaining employees will work for Warner Brothers.  New Line will apparently continue producing low-profile “niche” films, which Warner Bros. will distribute.

New Line to dissolve into WBNew Line is still producing the movie adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.”

Personally, I wonder what will become of the lawsuit between New Line and Tolkien’s estate over the millions of dollars New Line still owes for the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy.  I certainly hope at least some of those 40 employees who narrowly avoided the pink slip are lawyers.

Image: ABC News

Film Icon, Fervid NRA President Dies at 84

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Charlton HestonCharlton Heston, the square-jawed movie star who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ben-Hur and was famed for a number of other epic films, died Saturday night at the age of 84. Though an official cause of death was not initially released, the actor had announced in 2002 that he was battling Alzheimer’s disease, and had withdrawn from professional appearances after the diagnosis. An actor at first well-known for his portrayal of historical figures — in addition to his role as Ben-Hur, he also played Michelangelo, El Cid, Moses, and John the Baptist — Heston’s fame later in life was highlighted by his polarizing views on gun control, as the actor was elected president of the National Rifle Association in 1998 and vigorously defended the rights of gun owners throughout the country. Indeed the role of political activist, which he embraced throughout his life, almost overshadowed his impressive acting career, which started in theater and television before graduating to the silver screen.

Image: The Official Site of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Trailer for “Incredible Hulk” Reboot

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When I heard Universal Pictures was teaming up with Marvel for a completely revamped take on “The Incredible Hulk,” my first question was, why?  I heartily enjoyed the Hulk’s 2003 silver screen debut, directed by Ang Lee; I thought it was action-packed, well-acted, and surprisingly smart for a comic book movie.

I must say, though, that as news has gradually surfaced about this Hulk reboot, I have become more and more excited about it.  First of all, Edward Norton is playing the lead role of Bruce Banner; I don’t think I’ve yet ceased to enjoy Norton’s acting in any sense.  Also, based on the trailer I’ve posted below, the special effects look amazingly realistic and cutting-edge, which is always a big selling point for me. 

As with any other film, I suppose time will tell; but I’m suddenly very excited for June 13 to roll around!

Oliver Stone to Direct “Fair, True Portrait” of George W. Bush

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Oliver Stone, the director behind such films as “World Trade Center” and “Nixon,” will soon begin directing “W,” a film that will chronicle the life of President George W. Bush. Oliver Stone

Though Stone was criticized for his depiction of Richard Nixon,  an article on says he has promised “W” will be a “fair, true portrait of (President Bush).”

“I’m the referee,” said Stone. “It will contain surprises for Bush supporters and his detractors. It’s like Frank Capra territory on one hand, but I’ll also cover the demons in his private life, his bouts with his dad and his conversion to Christianity, which explains a lot of where he is coming from.”

Josh Brolin, most recently seen in “No Counrty for Old Men,” will play the president himself, while Elizabeth Banks will play his wife, Laura Bush.  James Cromwell and Ellen Burstyn will play George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush, respectively.

The movie is expected to be released before January 2009, but it is not known whether it will be out in time for the upcoming presidential election.

Image: The Associated Press